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Specializing in Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electronic Supply and Repair

Mohawk Ltd is a state of the art repair and supply center focusing in the broadband and industrial sectors. Mohawk Ltd has thousands of repair line cards allowing us to specialize in a wide variety of products from current and legacy models including.

We provide no-fee equipment evaluations so that you can make the best-informed decision for your equipment. We provide logistic support and supply chain management services to support your equipment throughout its life cycle. Our experienced technicians replicate the problem, troubleshoot the root cause, conduct a thorough maintenance check, provide a quote, and upon your acceptance, we make the repair. We clean, test operating parameters and return the equipment in “like-new” condition.

Mohawk Ltd. is an Authorized Service Center with experience repairing equipment in accordance with the OEM’s technical and safety procedures. We are not permitted to sell parts used in the repair of equipment. This does not apply to accessories related to equipment.

Established in 1959, we support telecommunications, utility, cable and private industry with the highest quality equipment repair, calibration, and products, to meet the needs of today’s constantly changing world.

 From initial customer inquiry, repair, quality control, return shipping and invoicing, our process is well controlled and documented to maintain the highest quality service for your equipment.

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Electronic Repair & Calibration

Mohawk Ltd. sells a wide variety of professional equipment for numerous sectors ranging from telecommunications to utility contracting. We offer specialty products ranging from optical wire maintenance to underground pipe locators. We strive to provide all of your industrial product needs.

Mechanical Repair & Calibration

Mohawk Ltd. Repairs over 3,000 items. Search for your repair or calibration! Call 800-225-6642 for assistance.


Underground Locator Repairs

Mohawk Ltd. is a certified Vivax MetroTech repair and Calibration center.

Fiber Optic Calibration and Repairs

Mohawk Ltd. repairs,  a wide variety of fiber optic equipment including OTDR’s, splicers, and more

Associated Manufacturers

Authorized Vivax Metrotech Center
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We work hand in hand with top electronic, Fiber Optic, and Mechanical tools and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Search for your tools repair card in our abundant line cards

Partnering With Mohawk Ltd.

Mohawk Ltd.’s reputation as an innovative solutions provider, an authorized OEM Service Center, and its adherence to a Quality Management System recognized world wide, make it a preferred choice for all your calibration and repair needs.