Channel Test Set Repairs

Mohawk Ltd. repairs the following power amplifiers.  To request a quote or additional information on a product or group of products, please fill out the contact form below.  If your product does not appear please feel free to contact us at 315-737-7328

Amplifier Line Card

  • AVANTEK, 310-21147-Pwr Amplifier
  • GN NETCOM, MPA I, Amplifier
  • GN NETCOM, MPA II, Amplifier
  • GN NETCOM, MPA8834-81-02, Amplifier
  • IDEAL, 62-104, Amplifier Probe
  • METROTEL MT91A Amplifier
  • METROTEL, 147(), Amplifier
  • METROTEL, 147C, Amplifier
  • METROTEL, 147D, amplifier
  • NUTMEG, 247, amplifier
  • PARKWAY, 147, amplifier
  • PARKWAY, 725, amplifier
  • PERKINS, PR80A, Amplifier Tunable
  • PROGRESSIVE, 200EP, induct. Amplifier
  • PROGRESSIVE, 300I, Amplifier
  • PROGRESSIVE, BA200, induct. Amplifier
  • TEMPO 5775HZ Amplifier
  • TEMPO, 200EP, Inductive Amplifier
  • TEMPO, HUNTER, Amplifier
  • TEMPO, TRA, Amplifier
  • WESTERN ELEC., 147B, Amplifier
  • WESTERN ELEC., 147C, Amplifier
  • WESTERN ELEC., 264B, Amplifier
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