Tone Generator Test Sets Repaired

Mohawk Ltd. repairs the following Tone generators.  To request a quote or additional information on a product or group of products, please fill out the contact form below.  If your product does not appear please feel free to contact us at 315-737-7328

  • AINES 140A Tone Generator
  • AINES 140BMC Tone Generator
  • LEVITON 49560 Tone Generator
  • PARKWAY PL240A Tone Generator
  • PARKWAY PL240C Tone Generator
  • PROGRESSIVE 600LS Test Set Generator
  • PROGRESSIVE 77HP Tone Generator
  • TEMPO 177 Tone Generator
  • TEMPO 77HP Tone Generator
  • TEMPO 77HP6A Tone Generator
  • WESTERN ELECTRIC 138A Test Set Generator
  • WESTERN ELECTRICc 139 Test Set Generator

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