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Fiber Optic Solutions

Mohawk Ltd. offers a wide product line of fiber optic and broadband equipment. We offer monitoring equipment such as OTDR’s and checkers, as well as wire accessories such as patch cords, attenuators, and connectors. 

The Fiber Optic Industry is one of the fastest growing commercial sectors in the world. The demand for faster broadband and internet connections are its driving force as optical fibers are some of the fastest cables in a market that is constantly becoming more advanced. Mohawk Optics strives to provide the telecommunication industry with necessary products and accessories in a constantly changing market.

Featured Mohawk Optic Broadband Equipment

Broadband Accessories

Mohawk Optics supplies the following types of attenuators and connectors

  • Available Attenuators
    • ST
    • SC (2.5 mm)
    • FC (2.5 mm)
    • LC (1.25 mm)
    • MU (1.25 mm)
  • Patch Cables
    • Mohawk Ltd. offers a complete selection of high quality fiber optic patch cables, with a variety of connectors including FC, ST, SC, LC and other single or multimode connectors. Mohawk also provides a variety of pigtail connectors, and much more. To receive additional information, please contact us via phone, email, or contact forum.

MO-FP Optical Connector Inspector

MO-MTP Hand- Held Performance OTDR.


FiberFlight Series OTDRs

MO-GET-100 Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Optical Fiber Identifiers

Mohawk Optic Fusion Splicers

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